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Subject[PATCHv3 00/10] ext4: Improve FC trace events

Please find the v3 of this patch series. I have included Reviewed-by tag
on all patches, except in [5-7] which were later added to address review
comments from Jan [1].

Changes since v2
v2 -> v3
1. Defined TRACE_DEFINE_ENUM(EXT4_FC_REASON_MAX) in [Patch 02/10]

Changes since RFC
RFC -> v2
1. Added new patch-5 ("ext4: Return early for non-eligible fast_commit track events")
2. Removed a trace event in ext4_fc_track_template() (which was added in RFC)
from patch-6 and added patch-7 to add the tid info in callers of
ext4_fc_track_template(). (As per review comments from Jan)

Tested this with xfstests -g "quick"

Thanks again to Jan, Harshad for helping with reviews and Steve for helping with
TRACE_DEFINE_ENUM part in kernel trace events.


Ritesh Harjani (10):
ext4: Remove unused enum EXT4_FC_COMMIT_FAILED
ext4: Fix ext4_fc_stats trace point
ext4: Convert ext4_fc_track_dentry type events to use event class
ext4: Do not call FC trace event in ext4_fc_commit() if FS does not support FC
ext4: Return early for non-eligible fast_commit track events
ext4: Add new trace event in ext4_fc_cleanup
ext4: Add transaction tid info in fc_track events
ext4: Add commit_tid info in jbd debug log
ext4: Add commit tid info in ext4_fc_commit_start/stop trace events
ext4: Fix remaining two trace events to use same printk convention

fs/ext4/fast_commit.c | 95 ++++++++----
fs/ext4/fast_commit.h | 1 -
include/trace/events/ext4.h | 298 +++++++++++++++++++++++-------------
3 files changed, 258 insertions(+), 136 deletions(-)


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