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SubjectRe: [PATCHv3 00/10] ext4: Improve FC trace events
On Sat, 12 Mar 2022 11:09:45 +0530, Ritesh Harjani wrote:
> Please find the v3 of this patch series. I have included Reviewed-by tag
> on all patches, except in [5-7] which were later added to address review
> comments from Jan [1].
> Changes since v2
> ================
> v2 -> v3
> 1. Defined TRACE_DEFINE_ENUM(EXT4_FC_REASON_MAX) in [Patch 02/10]
> [...]

Applied, thanks!

[01/10] ext4: Remove unused enum EXT4_FC_COMMIT_FAILED
commit: c864ccd182d6ff2730a0f5b636c6b7c48f6f4f7f
[02/10] ext4: Fix ext4_fc_stats trace point
commit: 7af1974af0a9ba8a8ed2e3e947d87dd4d9a78d27
[03/10] ext4: Convert ext4_fc_track_dentry type events to use event class
commit: 8cb5a30372ef5cf2b1d258fce1711d80f834740a
[04/10] ext4: Do not call FC trace event in ext4_fc_commit() if FS does not support FC
commit: 7f142440847480838e0c4b3092f24455cec111a7
[05/10] ext4: Return early for non-eligible fast_commit track events
commit: 9d5623d7ef8765f21f629e4ac636c19ec245e254
[06/10] ext4: Add new trace event in ext4_fc_cleanup
commit: 810e6a2b0cc2394947aa72c5bd47b4ba3cc538d1
[07/10] ext4: Add transaction tid info in fc_track events
commit: 9f7165eeb47e71e539f258cc8105f909074a2b87
[08/10] ext4: Add commit_tid info in jbd debug log
commit: 20bc9c03722db8bfa82506056b1b54b481beea72
[09/10] ext4: Add commit tid info in ext4_fc_commit_start/stop trace events
commit: d0852d55b0ca3dc1573df46874b847b72dfbe70a
[10/10] ext4: Fix remaining two trace events to use same printk convention
commit: 6a5fb2ca06cfec5159457283cdd92ce42d68137d

Best regards,
Theodore Ts'o <>

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