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SubjectRe: [PATCH v5 2/3] ACPI: allow longer device IDs

On 27.02.22 12:43, Ard Biesheuvel wrote:
> On Sun, 27 Feb 2022 at 12:39, Alexander Graf <> wrote:
>> On 27.02.22 11:47, Ard Biesheuvel wrote:
>>> On Sun, 27 Feb 2022 at 11:30, Ard Biesheuvel <> wrote:
>>>> On Sun, 27 Feb 2022 at 11:03, Jason A. Donenfeld <> wrote:
>>>>> On 2/27/22, Ard Biesheuvel <> wrote:
>>>>>> On Sat, 26 Feb 2022 at 23:07, Jason A. Donenfeld <> wrote:
>>>>>>> From: Alexander Graf <>
>>>>>> Please don't invent patch authors like that. Alex's patch that started
>>>>>> this discussion was completely different.
>>>>> Considering the investigative side ("why won't the _CID match?") and
>>>>> most the commit message were Alex's, and that those things comprise
>>>>> 95% of what this patch is, and that the code change itself isn't even
>>>>> part of anything Turing complete, I most certainly did not feel
>>>>> comfortable stripping Alex's authorship. Instead I added myself as a
>>>>> co-author at the bottom. When in doubt, err on the side of crediting
>>>>> others. Alex also took a look at this patch, I am under the impression
>>>>> of at least, before it went out. Let's minimize the paperwork
>>>>> policing, okay? I think it'd make for a much more pleasant space here.
>>> ...
>>>> Please stop with the ad hominems in response to criticism on factual
>>>> aspects of your code. Putting someone else's authorship on code they
>>>> did not write is not cool, and pointing that out is *not* what is
>>>> making this space unpleasant.
>>>> And 'paperwork policing' is sadly an important aspect of a high
>>>> profile open source project such as Linux.
>>> I typed this before reading your message on IRC, which reads:
>>> "Alex looked at that patch before i sent it out and did not object to
>>> me keeping his authorship. I wouldn't have sent it out otherwise."
>>> and so I stand corrected if this is true. But please, next time,
>>> please be more clear about these things.
>> Yes, he did reach out to me on a separate channel and I told him to go
>> for it :). Sorry if I created some confusion with that.
> No, my bad. But in my defence, everyone on the original thread knows
> that this single oneline change was suggested by Jason, not you, and
> so seeing him posting it as your patch did confuse me a little.

The idea came up 1y ago in conversations with Adrian when we tried to
make _CID matching work. Unfortunately I did not file a patent for the
mechanism to increase the array size until data fits :). It's such a
revolutionary invention!

Back to seriousness, I'm pretty indifferent on the attribution for it.
What I'm more interested in is a solution that allows us to match the
correct identifier :). My take is that Jason just wanted to be nice and
was trying to give credit.


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