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SubjectRe: [PATCH 1/2] Convert NFS from readpages to readahead
On Fri, 2022-02-25 at 23:22 +0000, Matthew Wilcox wrote:
> On Mon, Feb 07, 2022 at 07:47:08PM +0000, Trond Myklebust wrote:
> > I already have them applied to my 'testing' branch, but I can't
> > move
> > that into linux-next until Anna's pull request against -rc3 comes
> > through.
> Hey Trond,
> I'm not seeing any patches in linux-next to fs/nfs/ other than those
> that have gone through Andrew Morton, Jens Axboe and Chuck Lever.
> Has the linux-nfs tree dropped out of linux-next?

Sorry about that. As I said, I was first waiting for Anna to merge the
remaining 5.17 fixes, then got distracted with other work.
Hopefully it should appear in Stephen's tree when he updates it.


Trond Myklebust
Linux NFS client maintainer, Hammerspace

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