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SubjectRe: [PATCH v3 1/8] riscv: Avoid unaligned access when relocating modules
Emil Renner Berthing <> writes:

> With the C-extension regular 32bit instructions are not
> necessarily aligned on 4-byte boundaries. RISC-V instructions
> are in fact an ordered list of 16bit native-endian
> "parcels", so access the instruction as such.

Hold on a minute, this is what it says in my copy of the Unprivileged

| RISC-V base ISAs have either little-endian or big-endian memory systems,
| with the privileged architecture further defining bi-endian operation.
| Instructions are stored in memory as a sequence of 16-bit *little-endian*
| parcels, regardless of memory system endianness. Parcels forming one
| instruction are stored at increasing halfword addresses, with the
| *lowest-addressed parcel holding the lowest-numbered bits* in the
| instruction specification.
[Emphasis mine.]

In other words, the parcels are little endian, and they're arranged in
little-endian order. System endianness doesn't matter, it collapses to
plain old little-endian.

(I'm really not sure why they describe the ordering in such a
round-about way; I assume that's the source of the confusion here?)

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