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SubjectRe: [PATCH 2/2] perf arm-spe: Parse more SPE fields and store source
On Mon, Feb 21, 2022 at 08:41:43PM +0000, German Gomez wrote:


> Some comments:
>   This might be a hack, but can we not represent it as both LD&SR as the
>   atomic op would combine both?
>   data_src.mem_op = PERF_MEM_OP_LOAD | PERF_MEM_OP_STORE;

BTH, I don't understand well for this question, but let me explain a

We cannot use 'LOAD | STORE' to present the atomic operation. Please
see Armv8 ARM section D10.2.7 Operation Type packet, it would give out
more details. Atomic operation is an extra attribution for a load or
store operations, it could be an atomic load or store, or
load-acquire/store-release instructions, or
load-exclusive/store-exclusive instructions.

The function arm_spe_pkt_desc_op_type() in perf would also give more
info about atomic operations.

> # ARM_SPE_OP_EXCL (instructions ldxr/stxr)
>   x86 doesn't seem to have similar instructions with similar semantics
>   (please correct me if I'm wrong). For this arch, PERF_MEM_LOCK_LOCK
>   probably suffices.
>   PPC seems to have similar instructions to arm64 (lwarx/stwcx). I don't
>   know if they also have instructions with same semantics as x86.
>   I think it makes sense to have a PERF_MEM_LOCK_EXCL. If not, reusing
>   PERF_MEM_LOCK_LOCK is the quicker alternative.

On Arm archs, I think OP_EXCL means Load-Exclusive and Store-Exclusive
instructions. Different archs have different memory model and
different atomic instructions, e.g. on Armv7, we uses Load-Exclusive and
Store-Exclusive instructions for spinlock and on Armv8 we uses
Load-Acquire and Store-Release instructions for spinlock.

I have no any knowledge for x86 and PPC archs. Seems to me, x86 uses
compare-and-swap instruction and PPC's lwarx/stwcx instructions "are
primitive, or simple, instructions used to perform a read-modify-write
operation to storage" [1].

So I personally think we can define PERF_MEM_LOCK_EXCL type for Arm
arches and fill into the field perf_mem_data_src::lock:

data_src.lock = PERF_MEM_LOCK_EXCL;

... or we can consider to introduce a field perf_mem_data_src::atomic
and fill a new type PERF_MEM_ATOMIC_EXCL into this new field:

data_src.atomic = PERF_MEM_ATOMIC_EXCL;


>   (I'm sorry if this is too far out of scope of the original patch. Let
>   me know if you would prefer to discuss it on a separate channel)
>   On a separate note, I'm also looking at incorporating some of the SVE
>   bits in the perf samples.
>   For this, do you think it makes sense to have two mem_* categories in
>   perf_mem_data_src:
>   mem_vector (2 bits)
>     - simd
>     - other (SVE in arm64)

I think we can define below vector types:


The tricky thing is "other"... Based on the description for "Operation
Type packet payload (Other)" in the Armv8 Arm, I think we even need to
add an extra operation type PERF_MEM_OP_OTHER and assign it to
data_src.mem_op field.

>   mem_src (1 bit)
>     - sparse (scatter/gather loads/stores in SVE, as well as simd)

How about the naming "mem_attr" for new field and define two

PERF_MEM_ATTR_SPARSE -> Gather/Scatter operation
PERF_MEM_ATTR_PRED -> Predicated operation

Just remind, we cannot only approve within Arm related developers,
it's good to seek more wider review from other Arch developers when
you send new patch set.


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