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Subject[PATCH v2 00/39] x86: Kernel IBT

This is an even more complete Kernel IBT implementation.

Since last time (in no specific order):

- Reworked Xen and paravirt bits lots (andyhpp)
- Reworked entry annotation (jpoimboe)
- Renamed CONFIG symbol to CONFIG_X86_KERNEL_IBT (redgecomb)
- Pinned CR4_CET (kees)
- Added __noendbr to CET control functions (kees)
- kexec (redgecomb)
- made function-graph, kprobes and bpf not explode (rostedt)
- cleanups and split ups (jpoimboe, mbenes)
- reworked whole module objtool (nathanchance)
- attempted and failed at making Clang go

Specifically to clang; I made clang-13 explode by rediscovering:, then I tried clang-14 but it looks like
ld.lld is still generating .plt entries out of thin air.

Also, I know the very first patch is somewhat controversial amonst the clang
people, but I really think the current state of affairs is abysmal and this
lets me at least use clang.

Patches are also available here:

git:// x86/wip.ibt

This series is on top of tip/master along with the linkage patches from Mark:


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