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SubjectRe: [PATCH v3] drm/mediatek: Fix unused-but-set variable warning
> I'm still not happy with the commit subject, I think it is misleading. Clang 
> only helped to find the bug, but the we are fixing something else, that's not
> just a clang warning. But I don't want to nit-pick too much so:
> Reviewed-by: Matthias Brugger <>

thanks. I think you are right.
I will change the subject to "drm/mediatek: Fix mtk_cec_mask()", remove the
clang part and submit patch v4.

drm/mediatek: Fix mtk_cec_mask()

In current implementation, mtk_cec_mask() writes val into target register
and ignores the mask. After talking to our hdmi experts, mtk_cec_mask()
should read a register, clean only mask bits, and update (val | mask) bits
to the register.

Fixes: 8f83f26891e1 ("drm/mediatek: Add HDMI support")

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