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SubjectRe: [PATCH v6 0/8] PCI: hv: Support host bridge probing on ARM64
On Tue, 27 Jul 2021 02:06:49 +0800, Boqun Feng wrote:
> This is the v6 for the preparation of virtual PCI support on Hyper-V
> ARM64, Previous versions:
> v1:
> v2:
> v3:
> v4:
> v5:
> [...]

Applied to pci/hyper-v, thanks!

[1/8] PCI: Introduce domain_nr in pci_host_bridge
[2/8] PCI: Support populating MSI domains of root buses via bridges
[3/8] arm64: PCI: Restructure pcibios_root_bridge_prepare()
[4/8] arm64: PCI: Support root bridge preparation for Hyper-V
[5/8] PCI: hv: Generify PCI probing
[6/8] PCI: hv: Set ->domain_nr of pci_host_bridge at probing time
[7/8] PCI: hv: Set up MSI domain at bridge probing time
[8/8] PCI: hv: Turn on the host bridge probing on ARM64


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