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SubjectRe: [PATCH v10 0/8] Expose and manage PCI device reset
On 21/07/09 06:08PM, Amey Narkhede wrote:
> PCI and PCIe devices may support a number of possible reset mechanisms
> for example Function Level Reset (FLR) provided via Advanced Feature or
> PCIe capabilities, Power Management reset, bus reset, or device specific reset.
> Currently the PCI subsystem creates a policy prioritizing these reset methods
> which provides neither visibility nor control to userspace.
> Expose the reset methods available per device to userspace, via sysfs
> and allow an administrative user or device owner to have ability to
> manage per device reset method priorities or exclusions.
> This feature aims to allow greater control of a device for use cases
> as device assignment, where specific device or platform issues may
> interact poorly with a given reset method, and for which device specific
> quirks have not been developed.
> Changes in v10:
> - Fix build error on ppc as reported by build bot
Aplogies for late response. For some reason I did not get email from
test bot. I checked spam folder too. Not sure if gmail messed something


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