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SubjectRe: [RFC PATCH v1 0/7] virtio/vsock: introduce MSG_EOR flag for SEQPACKET
On Mon, Jul 26, 2021 at 07:31:33PM +0300, Arseny Krasnov wrote:
> This patchset implements support of MSG_EOR bit for SEQPACKET
>AF_VSOCK sockets over virtio transport.
> Idea is to distinguish concepts of 'messages' and 'records'.
>Message is result of sending calls: 'write()', 'send()', 'sendmsg()'
>etc. It has fixed maximum length, and it bounds are visible using
>return from receive calls: 'read()', 'recv()', 'recvmsg()' etc.
>Current implementation based on message definition above.
> Record has unlimited length, it consists of multiple message,
>and bounds of record are visible via MSG_EOR flag returned from
>'recvmsg()' call. Sender passes MSG_EOR to sending system call and
>receiver will see MSG_EOR when corresponding message will be processed.
> To support MSG_EOR new bit was added along with existing
>'VIRTIO_VSOCK_SEQ_EOR': 'VIRTIO_VSOCK_SEQ_EOM'(end-of-message) - now it
>works in the same way as 'VIRTIO_VSOCK_SEQ_EOR'. But 'VIRTIO_VSOCK_SEQ_EOR'
>is used to mark 'MSG_EOR' bit passed from userspace.

At this point it's probably better to rename the old flag, so we stay

What happens if one of the two peers does not support MSG_EOR handling,
while the other does?

I'll do a closer review in the next few days.


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