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SubjectRe: [PATCH v7] iomap: make inline data support more flexible
On Mon, Jul 26, 2021 at 02:27:12PM +0200, Andreas Grünbacher wrote:
> > That is how can size be different from iomap->length?
> Quoting from my previous reply,
> "In the iomap_readpage case (iomap_begin with flags == 0),
> iomap->length will be the amount of data up to the end of the inode.
> In the iomap_file_buffered_write case (iomap_begin with flags ==
> IOMAP_WRITE), iomap->length will be the size of iomap->inline_data.
> (For extending writes, we need to write beyond the current end of
> inode.) So iomap->length isn't all that useful for
> iomap_read_inline_data."

I think we should fix that now that we have the srcmap concept.
That is or IOMAP_WRITE|IOMAP_ZERO return the inline map as the soure
map, and return the actual block map we plan to write into as the
main iomap.

> > Shouldn't the offset_in_page also go into iomap_inline_data_size_valid,
> > which should probably be called iomap_inline_data_valid then?
> Hmm, not sure what you mean: iomap_inline_data_size_valid does take
> offset_in_page(iomap->inline_data) into account.

Indeed, orry for the braino.

> I thought people were okay with 80 character long lines?


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