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SubjectRe: [PATCH v7] iomap: make inline data support more flexible
> Subject: iomap: Support tail packing

I can't say I like this "tail packing" language here when we have the
perfectly fine inline wording. Same for various comments in the actual

> + /* inline and tail-packed data must start page aligned in the file */
> + if (WARN_ON_ONCE(offset_in_page(iomap->offset)))
> + return -EIO;
> + if (WARN_ON_ONCE(size > PAGE_SIZE - offset_in_page(iomap->inline_data)))
> + return -EIO;

Why can't we use iomap_inline_data_size_valid here? That is how can
size be different from iomap->legth?

Shouldn't the offset_in_page also go into iomap_inline_data_size_valid,
which should probably be called iomap_inline_data_valid then?

> if (iomap->type == IOMAP_INLINE) {
> + int ret = iomap_read_inline_data(inode, page, iomap);
> + return ret ?: PAGE_SIZE;

The ?: expression without the first leg is really confuing. Especially
if a good old if is much more readable here.

int ret = iomap_read_inline_data(inode, page, iomap);

if (ret)
return ret;
return PAGE_SIZE;

> + copied = copy_from_iter(iomap_inline_data(iomap, pos), length, iter);

> + copied = copy_to_iter(iomap_inline_data(iomap, pos), length, iter);

Pleae avoid the overly long lines.

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