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SubjectRe: [PATCH 00/23] iommu: Refactor DMA domain strictness
On 2021-07-26 09:13, John Garry wrote:
> On 21/07/2021 19:20, Robin Murphy wrote:
>> Hi all,
>> First off, yes, this conflicts with just about everything else
>> currently in-flight. Sorry about that. If it stands up to initial review
>> then I'll start giving some thought to how to fit everything together
>> (particularly John's cleanup of strictness defaults, which I'd be
>> inclined to fold into a v2 of this series).
> It seems to me that patch #20 is the only real conflict, and that is
> just a different form of mine in that passthrough, strict, and lazy are
> under a single choice, as opposed to passthrough being a separate config
> (for mine). And on that point, I did assume that we would have a
> different sysfs file for strict vs lazy in this series, and not a new
> domain type. But I assume that there is a good reason for that.

Yes, as mentioned by patch #18 it helps a surprising number of things
fall into place really neatly.

> Anyway, I'd really like to see my series just merged now.

Sure, I was going to say I can happily rebase on top of your series
as-is if Joerg wants to apply it first, and now that's just happened :)


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