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SubjectRe: [PATCH] media: atmel: fix build when ISC=m and XISC=y
On 7/5/21 3:57 PM, Eugen Hristev wrote:
> Building VIDEO_ATMEL_ISC as module and VIDEO_ATMEL_XISC as built-in
> (or viceversa) causes build errors:
> or1k-linux-ld: drivers/media/platform/atmel/atmel-isc-base.o: in function `isc_async_complete':
> atmel-isc-base.c:(.text+0x40d0): undefined reference to `__this_module'
> or1k-linux-ld: atmel-isc-base.c:(.text+0x40f0): undefined reference to `__this_module'
> or1k-linux-ld: drivers/media/platform/atmel/atmel-isc-base.o:(.rodata+0x390): undefined reference to `__this_module'
> or1k-linux-ld: drivers/media/platform/atmel/atmel-isc-base.o:(__param+0x4): undefined reference to `__this_module'
> or1k-linux-ld: drivers/media/platform/atmel/atmel-isc-base.o:(__param+0x18): undefined reference to `__this_module'
> This is caused by the file atmel-isc-base.c which is common code between
> the two drivers.
> The solution is to create another Kconfig symbol that is automatically
> selected and generates the module atmel-isc-base.ko. This module can be
> loaded when both drivers are modules, or built-in when at least one of them
> is built-in.
> Reported-by: kernel test robot <>
> Fixes: c9aa973884a1 ("media: atmel: atmel-isc: add microchip-xisc driver")
> Signed-off-by: Eugen Hristev <>
> ---

Hello Hans,

This build problem is causing plenty of robot reports and issues in
current 5.14 tree, also Arnd has sent a similar patch after mine was sent.

Could you have a look please such that we fix this for 5.14 ?

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