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SubjectRe: [PATCH v2 00/46] KVM: x86: vCPU RESET/INIT fixes and consolidation
On 13/07/21 18:32, Sean Christopherson wrote:
> The end goal of this series is to consolidate the RESET/INIT code, both to
> deduplicate code and to try to avoid divergent behavior/bugs, e.g. SVM only
> recently started updating vcpu->arch.cr4 on INIT.
> The TL;DR of why it takes 40+ patches to get there is that the RESET/INIT
> flows have multiple latent bugs and hidden dependencies, but "work"
> because they're rarely touched, are mostly fixed flows in both KVM and the
> guest, and because guests don't sanity check state after INIT.
> While several of the patches have Fixes tags, I am absolutely terrified of
> backporting most of them due to the likelihood of breaking a different
> version of KVM. And, for the most part the bugs are benign in the sense
> no guest has actually encountered any of these bugs. For that reason, I
> intentionally omitted stable@ entirely. The only patches I would consider
> even remotely safe for backporting are the first four patches in the series.
> v2:
> - Collect Reviews. [Reiji]
> - Fix an apic->base_address initialization goof. [Reiji]
> - Add patch to flush TLB on INIT. [Reiji]
> - Add patch to preserved CR0.CD/NW on INIT. [Reiji]
> - Add patch to emulate #INIT after shutdown on SVM. [Reiji]
> - Add patch to consolidate arch.hflags code. [Reiji]
> - Drop patch to omit VMWRITE zeroing. [Paolo, Jim]
> - Drop several MMU patches (moved to other series).
> v1:
> Sean Christopherson (46):
> KVM: x86: Flush the guest's TLB on INIT
> KVM: nVMX: Set LDTR to its architecturally defined value on nested
> VM-Exit
> KVM: SVM: Zero out GDTR.base and IDTR.base on INIT
> KVM: VMX: Set EDX at INIT with CPUID.0x1, Family-Model-Stepping
> KVM: SVM: Require exact CPUID.0x1 match when stuffing EDX at INIT
> KVM: SVM: Fall back to KVM's hardcoded value for EDX at RESET/INIT
> KVM: VMX: Remove explicit MMU reset in enter_rmode()
> KVM: SVM: Drop explicit MMU reset at RESET/INIT
> KVM: SVM: Drop a redundant init_vmcb() from svm_create_vcpu()
> KVM: VMX: Move init_vmcs() invocation to vmx_vcpu_reset()
> KVM: x86: WARN if the APIC map is dirty without an in-kernel local
> KVM: x86: Remove defunct BSP "update" in local APIC reset
> KVM: x86: Migrate the PIT only if vcpu0 is migrated, not any BSP
> KVM: x86: Don't force set BSP bit when local APIC is managed by
> userspace
> KVM: x86: Set BSP bit in reset BSP vCPU's APIC base by default
> KVM: VMX: Stuff vcpu->arch.apic_base directly at vCPU RESET
> KVM: x86: Open code necessary bits of kvm_lapic_set_base() at vCPU
> KVM: x86: Consolidate APIC base RESET initialization code
> KVM: x86: Move EDX initialization at vCPU RESET to common code
> KVM: SVM: Don't bother writing vmcb-> at vCPU RESET/INIT
> KVM: VMX: Invert handling of CR0.WP for EPT without unrestricted guest
> KVM: VMX: Remove direct write to vcpu->arch.cr0 during vCPU RESET/INIT
> KVM: VMX: Fold ept_update_paging_mode_cr0() back into vmx_set_cr0()
> KVM: nVMX: Do not clear CR3 load/store exiting bits if L1 wants 'em
> KVM: VMX: Pull GUEST_CR3 from the VMCS iff CR3 load exiting is
> disabled
> KVM: x86/mmu: Skip the permission_fault() check on MMIO if CR0.PG=0
> KVM: VMX: Process CR0.PG side effects after setting CR0 assets
> KVM: VMX: Skip emulation required checks during pmode/rmode
> transitions
> KVM: nVMX: Don't evaluate "emulation required" on nested VM-Exit
> KVM: SVM: Tweak order of cr0/cr4/efer writes at RESET/INIT
> KVM: SVM: Drop redundant writes to vmcb->save.cr4 at RESET/INIT
> KVM: SVM: Stuff save->dr6 at during VMSA sync, not at RESET/INIT
> KVM: VMX: Skip pointless MSR bitmap update when setting EFER
> KVM: VMX: Refresh list of user return MSRs after setting guest CPUID
> KVM: VMX: Don't _explicitly_ reconfigure user return MSRs on vCPU INIT
> KVM: x86: Move setting of sregs during vCPU RESET/INIT to common x86
> KVM: VMX: Remove obsolete MSR bitmap refresh at vCPU RESET/INIT
> KVM: nVMX: Remove obsolete MSR bitmap refresh at nested transitions
> KVM: VMX: Don't redo x2APIC MSR bitmaps when userspace filter is
> changed
> KVM: VMX: Remove unnecessary initialization of msr_bitmap_mode
> KVM: VMX: Smush x2APIC MSR bitmap adjustments into single function
> KVM: VMX: Remove redundant write to set vCPU as active at RESET/INIT
> KVM: VMX: Move RESET-only VMWRITE sequences to init_vmcs()
> KVM: SVM: Emulate #INIT in response to triple fault shutdown
> KVM: SVM: Drop redundant clearing of vcpu->arch.hflags at INIT/RESET
> KVM: x86: Preserve guest's CR0.CD/NW on INIT
> arch/x86/include/asm/kvm_host.h | 5 -
> arch/x86/kvm/i8254.c | 3 +-
> arch/x86/kvm/lapic.c | 26 +--
> arch/x86/kvm/svm/sev.c | 1 +
> arch/x86/kvm/svm/svm.c | 48 ++----
> arch/x86/kvm/vmx/nested.c | 24 ++-
> arch/x86/kvm/vmx/vmx.c | 270 +++++++++++++++-----------------
> arch/x86/kvm/vmx/vmx.h | 5 +-
> arch/x86/kvm/x86.c | 52 +++++-
> 9 files changed, 211 insertions(+), 223 deletions(-)

Queued, except for patches 9-10.

I'd rather have init_vmcb/svm_vcpu_reset look more like the VMX code,
with the INIT code moved to svm_vcpu_reset and the rest remaining in


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