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SubjectRe: IPSec questions and comments
On Fri, Jul 23, 2021 at 08:01:17PM -0500, Corey Minyard wrote:
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> Subject: IPSec questions
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> I've been going through the XFRM code trying to understand it. I've
> been documenting things in the code as I go.
> I have a specific usage question, then a general question:
> 1) In struct xfrm_dst, what is the difference between the route and path
> fields? From what I can tell, in the first element of a bundle they
> will both point the route the packet will take after it has been
> transformed. In the other elements of a bundle, route is the same as in
> the first element and path will be NULL. Is this really the intent?
> Can path just be eliminated?

Eyal gave a good explanation of this.

> 2) This code is really hard to understand. Nobody should have to go
> through what I'm going through. If I can convince my employer to allow
> me to submit the comments I'm adding, would that be something acceptable?
> It would obviously take a lot of time to review. If nobody's going to
> have the time to review it, I don't need to put forth the extra effort
> to make it submittable.

Documentation is always welcome. If you submit your documentation
in small reviewable patches, then it should be accepted and merged
over time.

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