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Subjectso_netns_cookie.c:3:10: fatal error: sched.h: No such file or directory
tree: master
head: ff1176468d368232b684f75e82563369208bc371
commit: ae24bab257bb2043b53c80e65cdd8b507ace06c4 tools/testing: add a selftest for SO_NETNS_COOKIE
date: 5 weeks ago
config: openrisc-randconfig-s031-20210726 (attached as .config)
compiler: or1k-linux-gcc (GCC) 10.3.0
wget -O ~/bin/make.cross
chmod +x ~/bin/make.cross
# apt-get install sparse
# sparse version: v0.6.3-341-g8af24329-dirty
git remote add linus
git fetch --no-tags linus master
git checkout ae24bab257bb2043b53c80e65cdd8b507ace06c4
# save the attached .config to linux build tree
COMPILER_INSTALL_PATH=$HOME/0day COMPILER=gcc-10.3.0 make.cross C=1 CF='-fdiagnostic-prefix -D__CHECK_ENDIAN__' O=build_dir ARCH=openrisc SHELL=/bin/bash -C tools/testing/selftests install

If you fix the issue, kindly add following tag as appropriate
Reported-by: kernel test robot <>

All errors (new ones prefixed by >>):

>> so_netns_cookie.c:3:10: fatal error: sched.h: No such file or directory
3 | #include <sched.h>
| ^~~~~~~~~
compilation terminated.

0-DAY CI Kernel Test Service, Intel Corporation
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