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SubjectRE: [PATCH net-next RESEND 2/2] r8152: separate the r8152.c into r8152_main.c and r8152_fw.c
Greg KH <>
> Sent: Monday, July 26, 2021 3:37 PM
> That is a lot of different things all happening in one commit, why?

I plan to separate the file into two files. And
I find I need an additional header file for it, so
The patch includes adding that header file.

> Please break this up into "one patch per change" and submit it that way.
> But the real question is why break this file up in the first place?
> What is wrong with the way it is today? What future changes require
> this file to be in smaller pieces? If none, why make this? If there
> are future changes, then please submit this change when you submit
> those, as that would show a real need.

The purpose is let me easy to maintain the driver.
The code is larger and larger. And I find that the
r8169.c has been separated into three files.
Therefore, I think maybe I could split the driver
into small parts like r8169. Then, the code wouldn't
be complex.

Should I abandon these patches?

Best Regards,

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