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SubjectRe: [bug report] iommu_dma_unmap_sg() is very slow then running IO from remote numa node
On 23/07/2021 11:21, Ming Lei wrote:
>> Thanks, I was also going to suggest the latter, since it's what
>> arm_smmu_cmdq_issue_cmdlist() does with IRQs masked that should be most
>> indicative of where the slowness most likely stems from.
> The improvement from 'iommu.strict=0' is very small:

Have you tried turning off the IOMMU to ensure that this is really just
an IOMMU problem?

You can try setting CONFIG_ARM_SMMU_V3=n in the defconfig or passing
cmdline param iommu.passthrough=1 to bypass the the SMMU (equivalent to
disabling for kernel drivers).


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