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SubjectRe: [PATCH] m68k: Fix asm register constraints for atomic ops
On Jul 25 2021, Geert Uytterhoeven wrote:

> Depending on register assignment by the compiler:
> {standard input}:3084: Error: operands mismatch -- statement `andl %a1,%d1' ignored
> {standard input}:3145: Error: operands mismatch -- statement `orl %a1,%d1' ignored
> {standard input}:3195: Error: operands mismatch -- statement `eorl %a1,%d1' ignored
> Indeed, the first operand must not be an address register. Fix this by
> adjusting the register constraint from "g" (general purpose register) to
> "d" (data register).

You should also allow immediate ("i").

There is the ASM_DI macro for that, but since CONFIG_RMW_INSNS is never
defined for CONFIG_COLDFIRE, it probably doesn't matter.


Andreas Schwab,
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