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SubjectRe: sched_waking vs. set_event_pid crash (Re: Tracing busy processes/threads freezes/stalls the whole machine)
On Fri, 23 Jul 2021 12:35:09 +0200
Stefan Metzmacher <> wrote:

> > Assuming this does fix your issue, I sent out a real patch with the
> > explanation of what happened in the change log, so that you can see why
> > that change was your issue.
> Yes, it does the trick, thanks very much!

Can I get a "Tested-by" from you?

> Now I can finally use:
> trace-cmd record -e all -P $(pidof io_uring-cp-forever)
> But that doesn't include the iou-wrk-* threads
> and the '-c' option seems to only work with forking.

Have you tried it? It should work for threads as well. It hooks to the
sched_process_fork tracepoint, which should be triggered even when a new
thread is created.

Or do you mean that you want that process and all its threads too that are
already running? I could probably have it try to add it via the /proc file
system in that case.

Can you start the task via trace-cmd?

trace-cmd record -e all -F -c io_uring-cp-forever ...

> Is there a way to specify "trace *all* threads of the given pid"?
> (Note the threads are comming and going, so it's not possible to
> specifiy -P more than once)

Right, although, you could append tasks manually to the set_event_pid file
from another terminal after starting trace-cmd. Once a pid is added to that
file, all children it makes will also be added. That could be a work around
until we have trace-cmd do it.

Care to write a bugzilla report for this feature?

-- Steve

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