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    SubjectRe: [PATCH v6 00/17] Introduce SCMI transport based on VirtIO
    On 19.07.21 13:36, Cristian Marussi wrote:
    > On Thu, Jul 15, 2021 at 06:35:38PM +0200, Peter Hilber wrote:
    >> On 12.07.21 16:18, Cristian Marussi wrote:
    >>> Hi all,
    >> Hi Cristian,
    >> thanks for your update. Please find some additional comments in this reply
    >> and the following.
    >> Best regards,
    >> Peter
    > Hi Peter,
    > thanks for the feedback.
    >>> While reworking this series starting from the work done up to V3 by
    >>> OpenSynergy, I am keeping the original autorship and list distribution
    >>> unchanged.
    >>> The main aim of this rework, as said, is to simplify where possible the
    >>> SCMI VirtIO support added in V3 by adding at first some new general
    >>> mechanisms in the SCMI Transport layer.
    >>> Indeed, after some initial small fixes, patches 05/06/07/08 add such new
    >>> additional mechanisms to the SCMI core to ease implementation of more
    >>> complex transports like virtio, while also addressing a few general issues
    >>> already potentially affecting existing transports.
    >>> In terms of rework I dropped original V3 patches 05/06/07/08/12 as no more
    >>> needed, and modified where needed the remaining original patches to take
    >>> advantage of the above mentioned new SCMI transport features.
    >>> DT bindings patch has been ported on top of freshly YAML converted arm,scmi
    >>> bindings.
    >>> Moreover, since V5 I dropped support for polling mode from the virtio-scmi
    >>> transport, since it is an optional general mechanism provided by the core
    >>> to allow transports lacking a completion IRQ to work and it seemed a
    >>> needless addition/complication in the context of virtio transport.
    >> Just for correctness, in my understanding polling is not completely optional
    >> ATM. Polling would be required by scmi_cpufreq_fast_switch(). But that
    >> requirement might be irrelevant for now.
    > Cpufreq core can use .fast_switch (scmi_cpufreq_fast_switch) op only if
    > policy->fast_switch_enabled is true which in turn reported as true by
    > the SCMI cpufreq driver iff SCMI FastChannels are supported by Perf
    > implementation server side, but the SCMI Device VirtIO spec (5.17)
    > explicitly does NOT support SCMI FastChannels as of now.
    > Anyway, even though we should support in the future SCMI FastChannels on
    > VirtIO SCMI transport, fastchannels are by defintion per-protocol/per-command/
    > per-domain-id specific, based on sharedMem or MMIO, unidirectional and do not
    > even allow for a response from the platform (SCMIV3.0 4.1.1 5.3) so polling
    > won't be a thing anyway unless I'm missing something.
    > BUT you made a good point in fact anyway, because the generic perf->freq_set/get
    > API CAN be indeed invoked in polling mode, and, even though we do not use them
    > in polling as of now (if not in the FastChannel scenario above) this could be a
    > potential problem in general if when the underlying transport do not support poll
    > the core just drop any poll_completion=true messages.
    > So, while I still think it is not sensible to enable poll mode in SCMI Virtio,
    > because would be a sort of faked polling and increases complexity, I'm now
    > considering the fact that maybe the right behaviour of the SCMI core in such a
    > scenario would be to warn the user as it does now AND then fallback to use
    > non-polling, probably better if such a behavior is made condtional on some
    > transport config desc flag that allow such fallback behavior.
    > Any thought ?

    Maybe the SCMI protocols should request "atomic" instead of "polling"?
    That semantics are the actual intent in my understanding. So the
    "Introduce atomic support for SCMI transports" patch series [1] could
    potentially address this?

    Best regards,



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