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SubjectRe: [PATCH v3 05/10] perf auxtrace: Drop legacy __sync functions
On Sat, Jul 10, 2021 at 03:34:24PM +0300, Adrian Hunter wrote:
> On 4/07/21 10:16 am, Leo Yan wrote:
> > The main purpose for using __sync built-in functions is to support
> > compat mode for 32-bit perf with 64-bit kernel. But using these
> > built-in functions might cause couple potential issues.
> >
> > Firstly, __sync functions originally support Intel Itanium processoer [1]
> > but it cannot promise to support all 32-bit archs. Now these
> > functions have become the legacy functions.
> >
> > As Peter also pointed out the logic issue in the function
> > auxtrace_mmap__write_tail(), it does a cmpxchg with 0 values to load
> > old_tail, and then executes a further cmpxchg with old_tail to write
> > the new tail. If consider the aux_tail might be assigned to '0' in the
> > middle of loops, this can introduce mess for AUX buffer if the kernel
> > fetches the temporary value '0'.
> That is not exactly true. The definition of __sync_*_compare_and_swap is
> "if the current value of *ptr is oldval, then write newval into *pt"
> so replacing zero with zero won't make any difference, but it will return
> the old value in any case. Probably better to leave out that paragraph.

Okay, I admit the paragraph is not right, will drop it to avoid
confusion. Thanks for review!


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