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SubjectRe: [PATCH 1/2] dt-bindings: display/panel: Add Innolux EJ030NA


>> I am not sure; the doc states that this (additionalProperties:
>> false) "can't
>> be used in case where another schema is referenced", which is the
>> case here,
>> as we include "panel-common.yaml".
> This DT schema already list all relevant properties like:
> backlight: true
> So "additionalProperties: false" tells that no other properties are
> allowed other than the listed properties.
> To my best understanding unevaluatedProperties: false is less strict
> and
> should be used if one does not list all possilbe properties.
> This could be the case for a panel haging below a SPI controller as in
> this case. So in other words giving this some extra thought I think
> unevaluatedProperties: false is OK here.

A panel below a SPI controller would have all its SPI-specific
properties covered by spi-controller.yaml, I believe? So maybe
"additionalProperties: false" would work?

In any case, if I use "additionalProperties: false", "make
dt_binding_check" complains that my example's "spi-max-frequency"
property is not covered. So maybe you are right.

> So my r-b is ok if you keep it as it.
> PS. Where do you guys hang out with the downfall of freenode -
> somewhere
> on oftc?

We moved to #opendingux on Libera.


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