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SubjectRe: [PATCH v10] cpufreq: mediatek-hw: Add support for Mediatek cpufreq HW driver
On 29-12-20, 14:17, Hector Yuan wrote:
> The CPUfreq HW present in some Mediatek chipsets offloads the steps necessary for changing the frequency of CPUs.
> The driver implements the cpufreq driver interface for this hardware engine.
> This patch depends on MT6779 DTS patchset[1] submitted by Hanks Chen.
> >From v8 to v9, there are three more modifications.
> 1. Based on patchset[2], align binding with scmi for performance domain.
> 2. Add the CPUFREQ fast switch function support and define DVFS latency.
> 3. Based on patchser[3], add energy model API parameter for mW.

Hi Hector,

You can refresh this series based on the patch from Sudeep:


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