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SubjectRe: [PATCH] perf test: Remove perf sub test 42.4 BPF relocation checker
Em Wed, Mar 24, 2021 at 09:37:34AM +0100, Thomas Richter escreveu:
> For some time now the perf test 42: BPF filter returns an error
> on bpf relocation subtest, at least on x86 and s390. This is caused by
> commit d859900c4c56 ("bpf, libbpf: support global data/bss/rodata sections")
> which introduces support for global variables in eBPF programs.
> Perf test 42.4 checks that the eBPF relocation fails when the eBPF program
> contains a global variable. It returns OK when the eBPF program
> could not be loaded and FAILED otherwise.
> With above commit the test logic for the eBPF relocation is obsolete.
> The loading of the eBPF now succeeds and the test always shows FAILED.
> This patch removes the sub test completely.
> Also a lot of eBPF program testing is done in the eBPF test suite,
> it also contains tests for global variables.

Thanks, applied.

- Arnaldo

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