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SubjectRe: [PATCH v2 5/5] PCI: dwc: Move dw_pcie_msi_init() from each users to designware host
On Sun, 7 Mar 2021 23:10:12 +0100 Krzysztof Wilczyński  wrote:

> Hi,
> > Currently, dw_pcie_msi_init() allocates and maps page for msi, then
> > program the PCIE_MSI_ADDR_LO and PCIE_MSI_ADDR_HI. The Root Complex
> > may lose power during suspend-to-RAM, so when we resume, we want to
> > redo the latter but not the former. If designware based driver (for
> > example, pcie-tegra194.c) calls dw_pcie_msi_init() in resume path, the
> > previous msi page will be leaked. From another side, except
> > pci-dra7xx.c we can move the dw_pcie_msi_init() from each users to
> > designware host, I.E move the msi page allocation and mapping to
> > dw_pcie_host_init() and move the PCIE_MSI_ADDR_* programming to
> > dw_pcie_setup_rc(). After this moving, we solve the msi page leakage
> > as well.
> [...]
> A small nitpick. All the "designware" should be "DesignWare" both in
> the commit message and the subject. Similarly, "msi" would be "MSI",
> and "I.E" would become "i.e.,". If you ever sent another version of the
> patch, that is.


This series was dropped and useless after Rob's excellent dw pcie code clean


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