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SubjectRe: [PATCH v3] kdb: kdb_support: Fix debugging information problem

On Wed, Feb 3, 2021 at 3:31 AM Stephen Zhang <> wrote:
> Doug Anderson <> 于2021年2月3日周三 上午1:40写道:
>> <tab>kdb_dbg_printf(AR, "returns [...] (%s)\n",
>> <tab><tab> ret, symtab->sym_start, [...], symtab->sym_name);
> Thank you for the detailed explanation. In this case, Shouldn't the "ret" be under
> the "(AR"? like below:
> <tab>kdb_dbg_printf(AR, "returns [...] (%s)\n",
> <tab><tab> ret, symtab->sym_start, [...], symtab->sym_name);
> See
> <>
> where it says "A very commonly used style is to align descendants to a function open parenthesis".
> The "descendants" here means the next line, right?

Yes, "descendants" means the next line.

I have a guess about what your problem is. In kernel land, tabs are 8
spaces, not 4. Also make sure your editor is using a fixed-width
font. In gmail my example might not look like it's lining up, but
when you go into the editor it should.


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