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SubjectRe: [PATCH 5/6] clk: qcom: gcc-sdm660: Account for needed adjustments in probe function
Hi and sorry for the late reply,

>> +
>> + /* Keep bimc gfx clock port on all the time */
>> + clk_prepare_enable(gcc_bimc_gfx_clk.clkr.hw.clk);
>> +
> Preferably just set these various bits with regmap_update_bits() during
> probe. Also, please do it before regsitering the clks, not after.

To be fair, now I think that simply adding CLK_IS_CRITICAL flag to the clocks in question is the smartest thing to do. Magic writes don't tell a whole lot.

>> + /* Set the HMSS_GPLL0_SRC for 300MHz to CPU subsystem */
>> + clk_set_rate(hmss_gpll0_clk_src.clkr.hw.clk, 300000000);
> Is this not already the case?

This is a mission-critical clock and we cannot trust the bootloader with setting it. Otherwise dragons might appear.


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