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SubjectRe: [PATCH v5 12/22] media: camss: Remove per VFE power domain toggling
Hey Andrey,

> On 17.02.2021 14:21, Robert Foss wrote:
> > For Titan ISPs clocks fail to re-enable during vfe_get()
> > after any vfe has been halted and its corresponding power
> > domain power has been detached.
> OK.
> > Since all of the clocks depend on all of the PDs, per
> > VFE PD detaching is no option for this generation of HW.
> But this patch removes camss_pm_domain_on/off calls from
> vfe_get/put() for all the SOCs, not only for sdm845.
> And this looks like a regression (higher power consumption)
> for all the generation1 devices.

Yeah, that is a serious problem with the approach I picked here. The
power difference shouldn't be huge however, since the best case
scenario savings of the previous implementation was being able to
power down 1 VFE when the other one is working. If none of the VFEs is
working, nothing is powered up both in the previous implementation &
using this patch.

> Is it possible to handle gen1 and gen2 hardware differently,
> so that gen1 continued to use camss_pm_domain_on/off as
> before?

I hesitated going down this gen1/gen2 split here, due to how deep into
the common code some of this functionality is. Let me have another
look at this though, not having a power regression for gen1 devices
would definitely be preferable.

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