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SubjectRE: [PATCH v21 4/4] scsi: ufs: Add HPB 2.0 support

> kmem_cache_destroy(hpb->map_req_cache);
> @@ -1670,7 +2109,7 @@ void ufshpb_init_hpb_lu(struct ufs_hba *hba, struct
> scsi_device *sdev)
> if (ret)
> goto out;
> - hpb = ufshpb_alloc_hpb_lu(hba, lun, &hba->ufshpb_dev,
> + hpb = ufshpb_alloc_hpb_lu(hba, sdev, &hba->ufshpb_dev,
> &hpb_lu_info);
> if (!hpb)
> goto out;
In HPB2.0 device control mode, the host is expected to send HPB-WRITE-BUFFER 0x3
To informs that all HPB Regions are inactive (expect for pinned regions).
Maybe a good place to do so is here, or in ufshpb_hpb_lu_prepared after you kicked the map work for pinned regions.

Either way, If you decide to do so, I would appreciate if you could align to the framework I proposed in
(scsi: ufshpb: Region inactivation in host mode).
This way you would have a wrapper unmap_all that would call ufshpb_issue_umap_req with buffer id 0x3,
And I would have a wrapper unmap_single that would call it with buffer id 0x1.

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