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Subjectseccomp: Delay filter activation
We've run into a problem where attaching a filter can be quite messy
business because the filter itself intercepts sendmsg, and other
syscalls related to exfiltrating the listener FD. I believe that this
problem set has been brought up before, and although there are
"simpler" methods of exfiltrating the listener, like clone3 or
pidfd_getfd, but these are still less than ideal.

One of the ideas that's been talked about (I want to say back at LSS
NA) is the idea of "delayed activation". I was thinking that it might
be nice to have a mechanism to do delayed attach, either activated on
execve / fork, or an ioctl on the listenerfd to activate the filter
indicates that the listener should be setup, but not enforcing, and
another ioctl to activate it.

The later approach is preferred due to simplicity, but I can see a
situation where you could accidentally get into a state where the
filter is not being enforced. Additionally, this may have unforeseen
implications with CRIU.

I'm curious whether this is a problem others share, and whether any of
the aforementioned approaches seem reasonable.


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