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SubjectRe: [PATCH ghak124 v3] audit: log nftables configuration change events
On 2021-02-18 23:42, Florian Westphal wrote:
> Richard Guy Briggs <> wrote:
> > > If they appear in a batch tehy will be ignored, if the batch consists of
> > > such non-modifying ops only then nf_tables_commit() returns early
> > > because the transaction list is empty (nothing to do/change).
> >
> > Ok, one little inconvenient question: what about GETOBJ_RESET? That
> > looks like a hybrid that modifies kernel table counters and reports
> > synchronously. That could be a special case call in
> > nf_tables_dump_obj() and nf_tables_getobj(). Will that cause a storm
> > per commit?
> No, since they can't be part of a commit (they don't implement the
> 'call_batch' function).

Ok, good, so they should be safe (but still needs the gfp param to
audit_log_nfcfg() for atomic alloc in that obj reset callback).

> I'm not sure GETOBJ_RESET should be reported in the first place:
> RESET only affects expr internal state, and that state changes all the time
> anyway in response to network traffic.

We report audit lost messages reset as a config change since it affects
the view that an admin has about a system. An unaccounted for reset
could mislead an administrator into thinking things are alright when
some messages were lost and there was nothing to show for it. I could
see similar situations with network entity counters.


Richard Guy Briggs <>
Sr. S/W Engineer, Kernel Security, Base Operating Systems
Remote, Ottawa, Red Hat Canada
IRC: rgb, SunRaycer
Voice: +1.647.777.2635, Internal: (81) 32635

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