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Peace be unto you.

Myself, Ahmad Massoud, from Afghanistan, a politician and government
official working with the ministry of finance before the Talibans took
control of Afghanistan. I plead for your help to receive and secure my
luggage in your country.

I want to send out my digital safe box containing my life savings, two
million six hundred thousand dollars and some of my very important
documents through diplomatic delivery from Afghanistan to your country
for security reasons and for investment in your country.
Unfortunately, I cannot send the money through bank because the
Talibans has taken control of all the institutions in afghanistan. we
are under imminent threat from massacres and targeted executions of
government officials since the Talibans returned to power in our
country and I have been in hiding to avoid the risk of deadly
reprisals by the Talibans as I wait for paperwork to evacuate with my

I hope to hear from you through email [ ] for my
safety because the Talibans are tracking calls to find out our exact
location in Kabul. For the delivery to your country, please send me
your full name, address and telephone number.

I look forward to hearing from you.

Ahmad Massoud.

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