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SubjectRe: [PATCH] fix 5.15 init regression for Intel Bluetooth
Dear Ortwin,

Am 27.12.21 um 11:26 schrieb Ortwin Glück:

> On all 5.15 kernels the Intel Bluetooth no longer works. All was fine in
> 5.14.
> Apparently the quirk is needed for this device.
> vanilla 5.15.5:
>    Bluetooth: hci0: Reading Intel version command failed (-110)
>    Bluetooth: hci0: command tx timeout
> with patch:
>    Bluetooth: hci0: Legacy ROM 2.5 revision 1.0 build 3 week 17 2014
>    Bluetooth: hci0: Intel device is already patched. patch num: 32
> Please apply to stable too.

This has been already reported in *[PATCH] Bluetooth: Apply initial
command workaround for more Intel chips* [1].

As I replied there, on what device do you experience this, and how can
it be reproduced?

I have a Dell Latitude E7250 with the Bluetooth device 0x0a2a, and
everything works fine under Debian sid/unstable with Linux 5.15 up to

Bus 002 Device 003: ID 8087:0a2a Intel Corp. Bluetooth wireless

Kind regards,



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