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Subject[PATCH] net: fix use-after-free in tw_timer_handler
A real world panic issue was found as follow in Linux 5.4.

BUG: unable to handle page fault for address: ffffde49a863de28
PGD 7e6fe62067 P4D 7e6fe62067 PUD 7e6fe63067 PMD f51e064067 PTE 0
RIP: 0010:tw_timer_handler+0x20/0x40
Call Trace:

This issue was also reported since 2017 in the thread [1],
unfortunately, the issue was still can be reproduced after fixing

The ipv4_mib_exit_net is called before tcp_sk_exit_batch when a net
namespace is destroyed since tcp_sk_ops is registered befrore
ipv4_mib_ops, which means tcp_sk_ops is in the front of ipv4_mib_ops
in the list of pernet_list. There will be a use-after-free on
net->mib.net_statistics in tw_timer_handler after ipv4_mib_exit_net
if there are some inflight time-wait timers.

This bug is not introduced by commit f2bf415cfed7 ("mib: add net to
NET_ADD_STATS_BH") since the net_statistics is a global variable
instead of dynamic allocation and freeing. Actually, commit
61a7e26028b9 ("mib: put net statistics on struct net") introduces
the bug since it put net statistics on struct net and free it when
net namespace is destroyed.

Moving init_ipv4_mibs() to the front of tcp_init() to fix this bug
and replace pr_crit() with panic() since continuing is meaningless
when init_ipv4_mibs() fails.


Fixes: 61a7e26028b9 ("mib: put net statistics on struct net")
Signed-off-by: Muchun Song <>
Cc: Xiongchun Duan <>
Cc: Cong Wang <>
Cc: Fam Zheng <>
Cc: <>
net/ipv4/af_inet.c | 10 ++++------
1 file changed, 4 insertions(+), 6 deletions(-)

diff --git a/net/ipv4/af_inet.c b/net/ipv4/af_inet.c
index 04067b249bf3..cb8ba7a0a114 100644
--- a/net/ipv4/af_inet.c
+++ b/net/ipv4/af_inet.c
@@ -1985,6 +1985,10 @@ static int __init inet_init(void)


+ /* Initialise per-cpu ipv4 mibs */
+ if (init_ipv4_mibs())
+ panic("%s: Cannot init ipv4 mibs\n", __func__);
/* Setup TCP slab cache for open requests. */

@@ -2015,12 +2019,6 @@ static int __init inet_init(void)

if (init_inet_pernet_ops())
pr_crit("%s: Cannot init ipv4 inet pernet ops\n", __func__);
- /*
- * Initialise per-cpu ipv4 mibs
- */
- if (init_ipv4_mibs())
- pr_crit("%s: Cannot init ipv4 mibs\n", __func__);


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