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SubjectRe: [RFC PATCH v2 0/5] Rework realtek-rtl IRQ driver

I don't think the IRQ routing has an off-by one error. This was chosen
by John to correspond to Realtek's own "documentation" and to
take account of the special meaning of IRQs 0, 1 for VSMP and 6 and 7
for the Realtek SoCs. In any case it would break the ABI as the meaning
of these values changes and I don't think the change in range actually
gives any additional functionality.

With regards to the RTL8390, that SoC actually has two IRQ controllers
to allow VSMP. The changes in parent routing have a good chance of breaking
VSMP on the RTL8390 targets. Did you stress test this new logic under VSMP?


On 26/12/2021 20:59, Sander Vanheule wrote:
> After seeing some use, and with more devices tested, the current
> implementation for the Realtek SoC interrupt controller was found to
> contain a few flaws.
> The driver requires the following fixes:
> - irq_domain_ops::map should map the virq, not the hwirq (patch 1)
> - routing has an off-by-one error. Routing values (1..6) correspond to
> MIPS CAUSEF(2..7) (patch 2)
> The following improvements should also be made:
> - Use N real cascaded interrupts with an interrupt-specific mask of
> child irq lines. Otherwise a high-priority interrupt may cause a
> low-priority interrupt to be handled first. (patch 3)
> - Get rid of assumed routing to parent interrupts of the original
> implementation (patch 4, 5)
> Changes since v1:
> Link:
> Still an RFC. Mainly since I don't like the open coding in the last
> patch, but also since I still have a question about the chained IRQ
> handlers.
> - Split some of the changes to limit the patch scope to one issue.
> - Dropped some small (spurious or unneeded) changes
> - Instead of dropping/replacing interrupt-map, the last patches now
> provide an implementation that amends the current situtation.
> Sander Vanheule (5):
> irqchip/realtek-rtl: map control data to virq
> irqchip/realtek-rtl: fix off-by-one in routing
> irqchip/realtek-rtl: use per-parent irq handling
> dt-bindings: interrupt-controller: realtek,rtl-intc: map output lines
> irqchip/realtek-rtl: add explicit output routing
> .../realtek,rtl-intc.yaml | 38 ++-
> drivers/irqchip/irq-realtek-rtl.c | 232 ++++++++++++++----
> 2 files changed, 218 insertions(+), 52 deletions(-)

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