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SubjectRe: very low IOPS due to "block: reduce kblockd_mod_delayed_work_on() CPU consumption"
On 12/18/21 11:57 AM, Alex Xu (Hello71) wrote:
> Hi,
> I recently noticed that between 6441998e2e and 9eaa88c703, I/O became
> much slower on my machine using ext4 on dm-crypt on NVMe with bfq
> scheduler. Checking iostat during heavy usage (find / -xdev and fstrim
> -v /), maximum IOPS had fallen from ~10000 to ~100. Reverting cb2ac2912a
> ("block: reduce kblockd_mod_delayed_work_on() CPU consumption") resolves
> the issue.

Hmm interesting. I'll try and see if I can reproduce this and come up
with a fix.

Jens Axboe

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