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Subject[GIT PULL] Immutable branch between MFD, IIO, Input (Touchscreen) and Clk due for the v5.16 merge window

The following changes since commit 6880fa6c56601bb8ed59df6c30fd390cc5f6dd8f:

Linux 5.15-rc1 (2021-09-12 16:28:37 -0700)

are available in the Git repository at:

git:// ib-mfd-iio-touchscreen-clk-v5.16

for you to fetch changes up to e7c8a5fe82ff8ee100c65598187674eef4748bf2:

iio: adc: ti_am335x_adc: Add the am437x compatible (2021-10-21 10:02:48 +0100)

Immutable branch between MFD, IIO, Input (Touchscreen) and Clk due for the v5.16 merge window

Miquel Raynal (45):
clk: ti: am43xx: Add clkctrl data for am43xx ADC1
dt-bindings: mfd: ti,am3359-tscadc: Add a yaml description for this MFD
dt-bindings: touchscreen: ti,am3359-tsc: New yaml description
dt-bindings: iio: adc: ti,am3359-adc: New yaml description
dt-bindings: touchscreen: ti,am3359-tsc: Remove deprecated text file
dt-bindings: mfd: ti,am3359-tscadc: Describe am4372 MFD compatible
dt-bindings: iio: adc: ti,am3359-adc: Describe am4372 ADC compatible
mfd: ti_am335x_tscadc: Ensure a balanced number of node get/put
mfd: ti_am335x_tscadc: Replace license text with SPDX tag
mfd: ti_am335x_tscadc: Fix style
mfd: ti_am335x_tscadc: Get rid of useless gotos
mfd: ti_am335x_tscadc: Drop extra spacing when declaring stack variables
mfd: ti_am335x_tscadc: Reword the comment explaining the dividers
mfd: ti_am335x_tscadc: Don't search the tree for our clock
mfd: ti_am335x_tscadc: Simplify divisor calculation
mfd: ti_am335x_tscadc: Move the driver structure allocation earlier
mfd: ti_am335x_tscadc: Use driver data
mfd: ti_am335x_tscadc: Mimic the probe from resume()
mfd: ti_am335x_tscadc: Drop useless variables from the driver structure
mfd: ti_am335x_tscadc: Always provide an idle configuration
mfd: ti_am335x_tscadc: Reorder the initialization steps
mfd: ti_am335x_tscadc: Gather the ctrl register logic in one place
mfd: ti_am335x_tscadc: Replace the header license text with SPDX tag
mfd: ti_am335x_tscadc: Fix header spacing
mfd: ti_am335x_tscadc: Use the new HZ_PER_MHZ macro
mfd: ti_am335x_tscadc: Drop unused definitions from the header
mfd: ti_am335x_tscadc: Use BIT(), GENMASK() and FIELD_PREP() when relevant
mfd: ti_am335x_tscadc: Clarify the maximum values for DT entries
mfd: ti_am335x_tscadc: Drop useless definitions from the header
mfd: ti_am335x_tscadc: Rename the subsystem enable macro
mfd: ti_am335x_tscadc: Add TSC prefix in certain macros
mfd: ti_am335x_tscadc: Rename a variable
mfd: ti_am335x_tscadc: Fix an error message
mfd: ti_am335x_tscadc: Add a boolean to clarify the presence of a touchscreen
mfd: ti_am335x_tscadc: Introduce a helper to deal with the type of hardware
mfd: ti_am335x_tscadc: Add ADC1/magnetic reader support
mfd: ti_am335x_tscadc: Support the correctly spelled DT property
iio: adc: ti_am335x_adc: Wait the idle state to avoid stalls
iio: adc: ti_am335x_adc: Replace license text with SPDX tag
iio: adc: ti_am335x_adc: Fix style
iio: adc: ti_am335x_adc: Get rid of useless gotos
iio: adc: ti_am335x_adc: Gather the checks on the delays
iio: adc: ti_am335x_adc: Add a unit to the timeout delay
iio: adc: ti_am335x_adc: Add the scale information
iio: adc: ti_am335x_adc: Add the am437x compatible

Documentation/devicetree/bindings/iio/adc/ti,am3359-adc.yaml | 70 ++++++++++
Documentation/devicetree/bindings/input/touchscreen/ti,am3359-tsc.yaml | 76 +++++++++++
Documentation/devicetree/bindings/input/touchscreen/ti-tsc-adc.txt | 91 -------------
Documentation/devicetree/bindings/mfd/ti,am3359-tscadc.yaml | 84 ++++++++++++
drivers/clk/ti/clk-43xx.c | 1 +
drivers/iio/adc/ti_am335x_adc.c | 220 ++++++++++++++++++-------------
drivers/mfd/ti_am335x_tscadc.c | 235 +++++++++++++++++++---------------
include/dt-bindings/clock/am4.h | 1 +
include/linux/mfd/ti_am335x_tscadc.h | 119 +++++++++--------
9 files changed, 549 insertions(+), 348 deletions(-)
create mode 100644 Documentation/devicetree/bindings/iio/adc/ti,am3359-adc.yaml
create mode 100644 Documentation/devicetree/bindings/input/touchscreen/ti,am3359-tsc.yaml
delete mode 100644 Documentation/devicetree/bindings/input/touchscreen/ti-tsc-adc.txt
create mode 100644 Documentation/devicetree/bindings/mfd/ti,am3359-tscadc.yaml

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