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SubjectRe: [PATCH 1/2] i2c: virtio: disable timeout handling

On 2021/10/20 14:41, Viresh Kumar wrote:
> On 20-10-21, 14:35, Jie Deng wrote:
>> Yes, but we need to know what's the best value to be configured for a
>> specific "other side".
>> I think the "other side" should be more aware of what value is reasonable to
>> be used.
> If we _really_ need that, then it would require an update to the
> specification first.
> I am not sure if the other side is the only party in play here. It
> depends on the entire setup and not just the hardware device.
> Specially with virtualisation things become really slow because of
> context switches, etc. It may be better for the guest userspace to
> decide on the value.
> Since this is specially for virtualisation, the kernel may set the
> value to few HZ by default, lets say 10 (Yeah its really high) :).

I'm OK with this way for the simplicity.

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