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SubjectRe: [PATCH 06/67] nfs, cifs, ceph, 9p: Disable use of fscache prior to its rewrite
Jeff Layton <> wrote:

> The typical way to do this would be to rebrand the existing FSCACHE
> Kconfig symbols into FSCACHE_OLD and then build the new fscache
> structure such that it exists in parallel with the old.

That, there, is nub of the problem.

You can't have parallel cachefiles drivers: There's a single userspace
interface (/dev/cachefiles) and only one driver can register it. You would
need to decide at compile time whether you want the converted or the
unconverted network filesystems to be cached.

> You'd then just drop the old infrastructure once all of the fs's are
> converted to the new. You could even make them conflict with one another in
> Kconfig too, so that only one could be built in during the transition period
> if supporting both at runtime is too difficult.
> This approach of disabling everything is much more of an all-or-nothing
> affair. It may mean less "churn" overall, but it seems less "nice"
> because you have an interval of commits where fscache is non-functional.
> I'm not necessarily opposed to this approach, but I'd like to better
> understand why doing it this way was preferred.

I'm trying to avoid adding two parallel drivers, but change in place so that I
can test parts of it as I go along.


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