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SubjectRe: [PATCH] memblock: exclude NOMAP regions from kmemleak

On 10/19/2021 7:37 AM, Catalin Marinas wrote:
>>> I could help to confirm if it hangs right in the early boot somewhere if needed.
>> The kernel config and a log of working kernel would help to start with.

> I don't think there's much in the log other than the EFI stub above.
>>> start_kernel()
>>> setup_arch()
>>> paging_init()
>>> map_mem()
>>> memblock_mark_nomap(
> Is this actual trace? It would be good to know where exactly it got
> stuck.

No, I did not confirm anything yet. There is going to take a while to
figure out the exactly location that hang since even the early console
was not initialized yet. Any suggestion on how to debug in this case?

>> So we have kmemleak_free_part_phys() here.
> I wonder whether the memblock_mark_nomap() here is too early for
> kmemleak. We don't have the linear map created, though it shouldn't be
> an issue as the kernel sections are mapped. Also I think
> delete_object_part() in kmemleak.c would bail out early as there
> shouldn't be any prior memblock_alloc for this range.

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