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SubjectRe: Old platforms: bring out your dead
On Fri, Jan 08, 2021 at 11:55:06PM +0100, Arnd Bergmann wrote:
> * dove -- added in 2009, obsoleted by mach-mvebu in 2015

May be obsoleted, but I still use this for my dove cubox with
additional patches.

> * footbridge -- added in prehistory, stable since ~2013, rmk and LinusW
> have one

Yes, and still running:
Linux flint 5.6.12+ #94 Sat Oct 17 23:44:28 BST 2020 armv4l armv4l armv4l GNU/Linux

> * iop32x -- added in 2006, no notable changes other than my cleanup, but
> I think there are still users

I have two TheCUS N2100s here, one still powered up and running and
one is currently available if anyone wants the machine. Both may
become available if anyone wants them later in 2021. I notice
Heiner Kallweit has been patching some of this code recently.

> * rpc -- prehistoric, but I think Russell still uses his machine

Yes, and I have sent some patches in the 5.x timeframe, and I do
have some further ones I could send, mostly around SCSI stuff.
It is my only machine that gives me access to some old tape backups
and syquest cartridges (not that any of that contains "modern" data.)

> * sa1100 -- prehistoric, but rmk and LinusW sporadically working in it

I also have some further patches that have been hanging around for
some time to modernise sa1100 a bit.

RMK's Patch system:
FTTP is here! 40Mbps down 10Mbps up. Decent connectivity at last!

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