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SubjectRe: kernelci/staging-next bisection: sleep.login on rk3288-rock2-square #2286-staging
Hello Mike,

On Sun, Jan 03, 2021 at 03:47:53PM +0200, Mike Rapoport wrote:
> Thanks for the logs, it seems that implicitly adding reserved regions to
> memblock.memory wasn't that bright idea :)

Would it be possible to somehow clean up the hack then?

The only difference between the clean solution and the hack is that
the hack intended to achieved the exact same, but without adding the
reserved regions to memblock.memory.

The comment on that problematic area says the reserved area cannot be
used for DMA because of some unexplained hw issue, and that doing so
prevents booting, but since the area got reserved, even with the clean
solution, it shouldn't have never been used for DMA?

So I can only imagine that the physical memory region is way more
problematic than just for DMA. It sounds like that anything that
touches it, including the CPU, will hang the system, not just DMA. It
sounds somewhat similar to the other e820 direct mapping issue on x86?

If you want to test the hack on the arm board to check if it boots you
can use the below commit:


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