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SubjectRe: [PATCH v5 00/10] sunxi: Support IRQ wakeup from deep sleep
On Sun, 17 Jan 2021 23:50:30 -0600, Samuel Holland wrote:
> Allwinner sun6i/sun8i/sun50i SoCs (A31 and newer) have two interrupt
> controllers: GIC and R_INTC. GIC does not support wakeup. R_INTC handles
> the external NMI pin, and provides 32+ IRQs to the ARISC. The first 16
> of these correspond 1:1 to a block of GIC IRQs starting with the NMI.
> The last 13-16 multiplex the first (up to) 128 GIC SPIs.
> This series replaces the existing chained irqchip driver that could only
> control the NMI, with a stacked irqchip driver that also provides wakeup
> capability for those multiplexed SPI IRQs. The idea is to preconfigure
> the ARISC's IRQ controller, and then the ARISC firmware knows to wake up
> as soon as it receives an IRQ. It can also decide how deep it can
> suspend based on the enabled wakeup IRQs.
> [...]

Applied to irq/irqchip-5.12, thanks!

[01/10] dt-bindings: irq: sun6i-r: Split the binding from sun7i-nmi
commit: ad6b47cdef760410311f41876b21eb0c6fda4717
[02/10] dt-bindings: irq: sun6i-r: Add a compatible for the H3
commit: 6436eb4417094ea3308b33d8392fc02a1068dc78
[03/10] irqchip/sun6i-r: Use a stacked irqchip driver
commit: 4e34614636b31747b190488240a95647c227021f
[04/10] irqchip/sun6i-r: Add wakeup support
commit: 7ab365f6cd6de1e2b0cb1e1e3873dbf68e6f1003

Please route the dts patches via the soc tree. Also, I had to
manually fix the first patch as it wouldn't apply on top of
5.11-rc4 (which tree has it been diffed against?). Please
check that the resolution is correct.


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