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SubjectRe: Splicing to/from a tty
On Mon, Jan 18, 2021 at 1:35 PM Linus Torvalds
<> wrote:
> So here's a slightly updated version of that patch, but apart from
> slightly better coverage - even if it's a driver that is disabled
> anyway - I'd like to point out that all my previous caveats still
> apply.

I have now booted that version to see that I didn't make any horribly
obvious mistakes.

And I must have screwed something up. I can actually use the machine
normally (I'm writing this running that kernel), but when I decided to
test the actual virtual console (as opposed to the GUI terminal
windows that use pty's), I can't even log in.

That *may* just be due to the inexcusably lazy and stupid "chunk
things up into 32 byte pieces" I did. Most programs shouldn't care,
tty's can return partial results anyway, but it's obviously a fairly
fundamental and silly change.

But it might well be some other conversion bug of mine even if I tried
to keep it fairly minimal and straight-forward.

So I suggest taking that patch with a lot of salt, and really treating
it as a very rough starting point (which was the point of it - trying
to actually boot it as-is was more of a "let's see if it survives at
all" thing).


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