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SubjectRe: [PATCH] lib/hexdump: introduce DUMP_PREFIX_UNHASHED for unhashed addresses
On 1/11/21 7:30 PM, Andrew Morton wrote:
> I doubt if Kees (or I or anyone else) can review this change because
> there are no callers which actually use the new DUMP_PREFIX_UNHASHED.
> Is it intended that some other places in the kernel be changed to use
> this? If so, please describe where and why, so that others can better
> understand both the requirement and the security implications.

In my opinion, hashed addresses make no sense in a hexdump, so I would
say that ALL callers should change. But none of the drivers I've
written call print_hex_dump(), so I can't make those changes myself.

> If it is intended that this be used mainly for developer debug and not
> to be shipped in the mainline kernel then let's get this info into the
> changelog as well.

I definitely want this patch included in the mainline kernel. Just
because there aren't any users today doesn't mean that there won't be.
In fact, I suspect that most current users haven't noticed that the
addresses have changed or don't care any more, but if they were to write
the code today, they would use unhashed addresses.

If you want, I can include a patch that changes a few callers of
print_hex_dump() to use DUMP_PREFIX_UNHASHED, based on what I think
would be useful.

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