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Subject[PATCH V4 0/3] scripts: dtc: Build fdtoverlay
We will start building overlays for platforms soon in the kernel and
would need fdtoverlay tool going forward. Lets start fetching and
building it.

While at it, also remove fdtdump.c file, which isn't used by the kernel.

- Don't fetch and build fdtdump.c
- Remove fdtdump.c

Viresh Kumar (3):
scripts: dtc: Add fdtoverlay.c to DTC_SOURCE
scripts: dtc: Build fdtoverlay tool
scripts: dtc: Remove the unused fdtdump.c file

scripts/dtc/Makefile | 6 +-
scripts/dtc/fdtdump.c | 163 -------------------------------
scripts/dtc/ | 6 +-
3 files changed, 8 insertions(+), 167 deletions(-)
delete mode 100644 scripts/dtc/fdtdump.c


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