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SubjectRe: [PATCH 3/5] af_vsock: send/receive loops for SOCK_SEQPACKET.
> Hmm, are you sure you need to convert
> "err" to the pointer, just to return true/false
> as the return value?
> How about still returning "err" itself?

In this case i need to reserve some value for
"err" as success, because both 0 and negative
values are passed to caller when this function
returns false(check failed). May be i will
inline this function.

> Its not very clear (only for me perhaps) how
> dequeue_total and len correlate. Are they
> equal here? Would you need to check that
> dequeued_total >= record_len?
> I mean, its just a bit strange that you check
> dequeued_total>0 and no longer use that var
> inside the block.

When "dequeued_total > 0" record copy is succeed.
"len" is length of user buffer. I think i can
replace "dequeued_total" to some flag, like "error",
because in SOCK_SEQPACKET mode record could be
copied whole or error returned.

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